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  1. Background to the Project

 The poor conditions of Federal roads in Nigeria led to the launching of a road reform process by the Federal Ministry of Transportation (then FMW) in June, 1996. This culminated in the FMT Road Vision 2000 program (RV2000) which proposed the following policies:

 Creation of a National Roads Board;

Creation of a Road Fund to provide a stable and sustainable basis for Road Maintenance; and

Establishment of Legal Framework for Private Participation in Management and Financing of Road Maintenance.

 The above proposals led to the establishment of the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) in 2004 for maintenance while the ministry continued the execution of construction and rehabilitation works. The Ministry has since continued to seek for more efficient road management as it has faced inadequate funding on a yearly basis as a result of the gap created in the incomplete implementation of RV2000. This led to the establishment of the Road Sector Development and Maintenance Program (RSDMP) in 2004.


  1. Road Sector Development and Maintenance Program (RSDMP)


The RSDMP was established with the assistance of the World Bank and in line with the RV2000. The objective is to achieve efficient implementation of management and maintenance of Federal roads based on principles of total asset management through private sector participation in line with the National Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (NEEDS) policy. The first step in implementing the RSDMP was the establishment of the Federal Roads Development Project (FRDP).