The poor conditions of Federal roads in Nigeria led to the establishment of Road Sector Development Team (RSDT) with the assistance of the World Bank to ensure upgrading, rehabilitation, as well as periodic and routine maintenance activities on the “Unity Roads”


To become a lead in the sustainable transformation of the road sector and to meet international best practices in planning, procurement, maintenance and financing of the targeted Federal Roads infrastructure.


To reduce passenger travel time, vehicle operating cost and traffic related fatalities on targeted Federal Roads through rehabilitation, upgrading and long term maintenance.

Our Projects

Organisation and Management

the RSDT is established as a self-accounting unit within the institutional framework of the Federal Ministry of works and headed by a "Unit Manager" who is responsible for its day to day management and overall implementation of the RSDMP. the RSDT is currently manageing road and bridge infrastructure projects and institutional strengthening and reform programs with the assistance of a USD330 million credit from the international Development Association - IDA (world Bank) and a USD162 million loan from the African Development Bank (AfDB). the Mandate of RSDT is to initially managege the implementation of RSDMP on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Works. This include a transition period where RSDT will focus on the implementation of donor supported projects on the unity roads and be responsible for managing domestically funded projects as well. the aim is to move RSDT along a fast track leading to the full transfer of project responsibility to the prosposed FHA. The project will promote public-Private Partnership (PPP) by the introduction of Design-Build-Operate-Maintain and Transfer (BOTMP), financed by donors through bidgetary allocation and private investors.

The Objectives of RSDT are:


The proper and efficient coordination, monitoring and strategic programming of all RSDMP activities.


The efficient management and implementation of the Federal Road Network improvement, maintenance and capacity building activities of the RSDMP from inception to completion.


The establishment of a small, efficient, highly proffessional, performance-oriented organisation that will form a suitable nucleus for and evolve inta a FHA.


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